Learners are practicing strategies to help them multiply and divide. 

Below are some helpful ways to help at home:
• Draw shapes and divide into different fractions
• Create numbers to use in fractions
• Use measuring cups when baking or cooking
• Pick numbers to create fractions-Practice simplifying them
• Make up numbers, roll numbers with dice, or find numbers (on labels) and compare them
• Find numbers and write them in expanded form
• Make numbers and tell which place value (and/or value) each digit represents
• Place large numbers on a number line
• Collect objects (i.e. Cheerios) and estimate how many
• Draw pictures and make models of numbers
• Practice addition and subtraction facts
• Use centimeter paper to draw decimals.
• Relate dimes to tenths and pennies to hundredths and make up decimals using dimes and pennies.

Below are some helpful videos:
Mid Module Assessment