Module Two
Learners will be working with converting units and problem solving using the metric system.  

Some ways to help at home with this are:
• Use measurement tools when baking or cooking.
• Compare items by length or weight.
• Practice scheduling events to determine elapsed time.
• Use string to measure wrist, neck, and waist and make comparisons.
• Read an analog clock throughout the day.
• Use a stopwatch to keep track on how much T.V is watched throughout the week and how much .time is spent on homework, and compare the two amounts of time.
• Take an object and estimate the weight then use a scale to determine the exact weight, and compare the two amounts.
• Use a ruler to measure objects around the house in inches or centimeters.
• Explore the area and volume of a cereal box.

Below are some helpful videos to review what is being taught throughout Module 2. 

Check out the attached handout for tips for parents.